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Wyższa Szkoła Technik Komputerowych

i Telekomunikacji w Kielcach 

ul. Marszałkowska 98

25-553 Kielce Świętokrzyskie

tel./fax (+48) 41 33-10-233


Another kind of WSTKT’s activity is related to researches in the field of telecommunication and informatics. Within the framework of this activity the University participates in national and international EU projects. At present, the WSTKT takes part in:

  • INSIGMA - “Intelligent Information System for Global Monitoring, Detection and Identification of Risks” - large research and development project of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education (2010-2015). Project realized in cooperation with AGH University of Science and Technology, Military Communication Institute in Zegrze and Military University of Technology in Warsaw. The project cost: 4.4 million euro.

    The main objectives of the INSIGMA project are:

    • to develop automatic methods of surveillance and registration of parameters of moving objects, procedures of transmission and archiving of registered data, and techniques of identification of persons being inside tracked objects,
    • detection of risks and analysis of varied traffic parameters on the background of dynamic maps
    • human identification and detection of risks with use of mobile terminals and intelligent monitoring and search of humans, data and multimedia contents with respect to security of exchanged and stored information.
  • INTOM - “Integrated, intelligent monitoring system for detection and identification of movable objects for security purposes”, Project realized in cooperation with AGH University of Science and Technology.

    The main concept of INTOM system is based on multilayer structure. The first layer is composed by mobile equipment and fixed monitoring system. Apart from entities defining position of an object other elements are used for voice and video sequences recording. Second layer is composed of servers capable for object localization. Gathered information can be used for detecting speed of a moving object, durations of stops, etc. Gathered information can be used for decision making, e.g. whether a moving object should be registered by a stationary monitoring network. The system is managed remotely via Internet (or a dedicated network if required). Local servers can be interconnected in a large scale network enabling exchange of information in different countries.


    Development of a System for Detecting Security Threats for Persons with a Vision Impairment, Including Threats Caused by Traffic. Legal and Technical Aspects.

    The project goal is to develop an intelligent information system to detect safety risks caused by traffic for persons with a vision impairment, with regard to existing legal and criminological conditions. Project results will enable beneficiaries of the project to become more active and much safer in the urban space. The proposed research includes issues related to ensuring the safety of persons with a vision impairment, especially in the urban space. It is important especially in from the point of view of persons with vision disabilities, both in the urban area and beyond.


    University of Bialystok

    AGH University of Science and Technology, Department of Telecommunications

    The University of Computer Engineering and Telecommunication

    Future Voice Systems